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The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Essay -- Pro Con Essays

     Affirmative activity has been the subject of discussion for a long time. It has been disputable on the grounds that it has been supposed to be a type of opposite separation. This paper will talk about the reason behind governmental policy regarding minorities in society, just as, its different qualities and shortcomings. Additionally, this paper will take a gander at the accompanying issues encompassing governmental policy regarding minorities in society, for example, the ineptitude fantasy ( are organizations recruiting less qualified individuals?), the effect on business (what has changed in the work place?), the effect on ladies (how have their lives changed?) and the effect on work law (what records back up governmental policy regarding minorities in society?). In conclusion, a conversation of governmental policy regarding minorities in society on a universal scale, and what global records need to state about the point. The reason for this paper is to uncover all t he issues, and afterward offer an informed expression of whether governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a beneficial action or if there is a superior arrangement.  â â â â      Affirmative activity or constructive separation can be characterized as giving focal points to individuals of a minority bunch who are believed to have generally been oppressed. This comprises of special access to instruction, business, human services, or social government assistance. In business, governmental policy regarding minorities in society may likewise be known as work value. Governmental policy regarding minorities in society necessitates that organizations increment employing and advancement of competitors of ordered gatherings. (Rubenfeld, 1997, p. 429)  â â â â      The reason ofAffirmative Action is a straightforward one, it exists to even the odds, in a manner of speaking, in the regions of recruiting and school confirmations dependent on attributes that generally incorporate race, sex, as well as ethnicity. A specific minority gathering or sex might be underrepresented in a field, frequently work or the scholarly world, in principle due to past or progressing victimization individuals from the gathering. In such a condition, one way of thinking keeps up that except if this gathering is solidly assisted with accomplishing an increasingly significant portrayal, it will experience issues picking up the minimum amount and acknowledgment in that job, regardless of whether plain victimization the gathering is destroyed. Consequently, more exertion must be made to enlist people from that foundation, train them, and lower the passageway prerequisites for them. (Goldman, 1976, p. 179) Proponents of governmental policy regarding minoriti es in society contend that governmental policy regarding minorities in society is the most ideal approach to corre... ...of Management Journal, Vol. 40, No. 3, 603-625. Holzer, Harry J.& David Neumark. (Jan. 2000) What Does Affirmative Action Do? Modern and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 53, No. 2, 240-271. Holzer, Harry J.& David Neumark. (Sept. 2000) Assessing Affirmative Action Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 38, No. 3, 483-568. Leonard, Jonathan S. (1989) Women and Affirmative Action The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 3, No. 1, 61-75. Lockheed, Marlaine. (1998) International Perspectives on Affirmative Action during the 1990s Educational Researcher, Vol. 27, No. 9, 6-7. Loeb, Jane W, Marianne A. Ferber and Helen M. Lowry. (1978) The Effectiveness of Affirmative Action for Women The Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 49,      No. 3, 218-230. Nacoste, Rupert W. (1987) Affirmative Action in American Politics: Strength or Weakness? Political Behavior, Vol. 9, No. 4, 291-304. Reed, Rodney J. (1983) Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Is It Necessary? The Journal of Negro Education, Vol. 52, No. 3, Persistent and Emergent      Legal Issues in Education: 1983 Yearbook, 332-349. Rubenfeld, Jed. (1997) Affirmative Action The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 107, No. 2, 427-472.

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Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting Free Essays

Examination of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water By shackles Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water In Egyptian workmanship, the best accomplishments are tomb alleviation, gigantic number of tomb help shows the individuals who were rich enough at that period need to bring their rich and magnificence considerably after they dead. The Early regal help are to some degree too vision on the figures, beneficiary figures on the tomb alleviation are normally unpleasant on a superficial level. Be that as it may, the procedure of making tomb help grew amazingly rapidly beginning from the third Dynasty; the strategies were at that point very progressed, and styles are expanding a ton. We will compose a custom exposition test on Examination of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Utilizing the finely definite adornment in the tomb help are the custom way. This sort of strategy that shows the makes sense of standing somewhat over the Egyptian time frame proceeded through the sixth Dynasty and into the Middle Kingdom, particularly utilizing for illustrious landmarks. Visual-expressions plug. Com) There are numerous qualities that diddle realm and new realm have are unmistakably pivotal and somewhat unique in relation to one another, including the subtleties of the methods, shading and style. The Tomb Relief from late administration 18 and Relief from a tomb at E-Light are the two tomb alleviation which have a few hall and contrasts; them two are tomb help and them two are about the cultivating figure, there are a few figures about individuals working in various segments and furthermore a great deal of creatures on that as well. The Egyptian art’s work was twofold. Right off the bat, the capacity shows the god’s brilliance and making the entry after-life progressively agreeable. At that point, the capacity Europeanizes the data and the estimation of the Egyptian craftsmanship. The life in Egypt was commonly steady, for example, the social and life; even human expressions, including their engineering and models, additionally painting, metalwork, goldsmith and earthenware production. (visual-expressions plug. Com) Most of the craftsmanships in Egypt have the trademark which is ‘highly moderate adherence to customary rules’ (Neil Collins, visual-expressions plug. Mother), it had a decent love on center around the request as opposed to inventiveness and masterful articulation. (visual-expressions stopper. Com) During The Middle Kingdom, with its capital at Thebes (2000-1786 B. C. ), was a fresh out of the box new time of analysis and development which became out of the disturbance of the First Intermediate Period (2134-c. 2000 B . C. ). (reference book. Com) Most of the types of the Old Kingdom were held; However, the conventional solidarity style was changed. The improvement of formalism was blended in with a careful delicacy of craftsmanship. Precancerous. Com) There were more from the artists’ inside idea, a large portion of them were fruitful in tomb help or figure, similar to the stone cut tombs at Ban Has are exceptional for opportunity of draftsmanship, and the touchy representations of Stories Ill ND Amendment Ill were all amazingly acclaimed and effective in doing the Egyptian expressions. (Precancerous. Com) Also, their figures are more vision on the middle however authenticity on their head and face, the creatures were set as a line sorted out. (reference book. Mother) The Relief from a tomb at EL-Light is from the center realm, it has found reused as an entryway ledge that in an entryway of a later house by the cutting edge graveyard close to the pyramid, perhaps from the tomb of Ankhs. I nside the image, old Egyptian open air life is safeguarded unmistakably. Two men sit in a tent and getting ready for a supper that the tomb when will later appreciate. The man on the correct culls the plumes of a huge goose, and the other one on the left meals a duck on a spit over a low fire that he carries to shine with a fan. Different winged animals, a pack, and two moved up sheets of material were hanged up from a line above. At that point, on the base of the image, various steers have Just risen up out of muggy water, and some water spilled in light of the fact that the crowd is en route to higher ground. (Divider writings from Mutest) From this tomb help, the capacity is a customary Egyptian tomb alleviation that is indicating the day by day life in any event, including the errors’ lives. It mirrors the life at that period, even a minuscule thing like planning for a dinner. Zoom in to the lines and the declaration of the three-dimensional from, the procedure the stone carver utilized is fine and smooth. These two men’ figures are not naturalism; the posture and the course of action of the figure are flawless and methodical. Particularly those creatures, the dairy cattle are no different. Furthermore, one symbolist thing is the represent that the man holding the ducks neck. This tomb help is authenticity on the face and optimism in the middle, likewise very much done in some particular subtleties. The New Kingdom’s workmanship (1570-1342 B. C. ) can be viewed as the last advancement of the customary great Egyptian style of the Middle Kingdom, there is a mix of the drive motivation of the Middle Kingdom and the amazing types of the Old Kingdom. This period’s painting are renowned in light of the fact that intensity of controlled essentialness and strength. Their figure normally accentuation on mass, robustness and generic quality. In some single scenes, or the chips away at the divider from roof to the floor, each figure had its place appropriately and was not permit to flood its space. At that point en of the most table accomplishments of Egyptian specialty men was the method when they put human figure in a space, it is by all accounts squeezed or stuffed, however the they despite everything assume responsibility for the entire picture’s balance. (visual-expressions plug. Com) Then, The Tomb Relief from late line 18 is an ideal case of this period. The photos of this alleviation utilize the cows that being coercively fed while the tomb proprietor followed by a few retainers on the privilege of the image. In the base of the image, ships dump their produce that is first stored on shore at that point diverted by doormen. This alleviation square in all likelihood originated from a tomb at Memphis. With an implantation odd freeing vitality and thoughts from Marin, private help work thrived in Memphis in the post-Marin period and at that period, the rich individuals progressively prefer to let the figure on the tomb alleviation more naturalism. Divider writings from Mutest) This way that shows the life of laborers is a spectacular way which be utilized to show the numerous phases in a creating grouping of activities, instead of the casings of a strip animation since it is more clear. During the Old Kingdom, the agrarian is one of the most mainstream subjects for the vast majority of the tomb alleviation. (visual-expressions stopper. Mother) Also, the divider works of art during that period which shows plunging, planting reaping and sifting the grain are all symbolist loyally spoke to. It shows the herders working in the fields dealing with the dairy cattle so prized by the old Egyptians significantly different perspectives portray the catching of the waterfowl particularly in the Nile bogs and angling in the stream itself. (visual-expressions plug. Com) Because of these perspectives from day by day life let the stone workers had the option to utilize their drive and let themselves feel free and investigate a tad bit of theirs creative mind and retreat. At the point when they show the dead man and his family, it must be more introduced in standard postures as a portrayal: overwhelming, carefully proportioned, and consistently quiet and to some degree detached, (visual-expressions plug. Mother) However, The rustic specialists on the domain could be appeared at their day by day lives in a casual manner, something with lives or vigorous can be normally caught, and that consistently have a remarkable described which can represent the old Egyptians. (visual-expressions plug. Com) While the contribution bearers, representing the funerary blessings from the homes to their pole, are delineated moving towards him in formal and masterful parade, the laborers at work in the fields appear to be both durable and overwhelming. (visual-expressions plug. Mother) Look inside the tomb alleviation methods, it unmistakably shows the subtleties and the importance of the entire story, each individuals have their own trademark and various postures. Further, the tomb help from here is turning out to be increasingly three-dimensional. In any event, when we see these two tomb help and discover they look astoundingly comparable from one another, they are about the day by day life in Egyptian, they all shows the genuine unordinary easily strategies that individuals in that period have the exceptionally evolved expertise of making the tomb alleviation. Utilizing tomb help is the acceptable method to mirror their owner’s life and the administration they were in. The alleviation from a tomb at EL-Light shows the owner’s influence and their rich life; the second Tomb Relief is somewhat not the same as the first, it demonstrate about the proprietor needs to be increasingly kind, they dislike to show their brilliance any longer; they more need to have a sort of sentiment of authenticity, yet the manner in which they show is generally optimism from the middle and the heads. The most inclination is the degree of the three-dimensional of the tomb help, the center realm appears there is a beginning of doing this, at that point it is getting increasingly three-dimensional until the New realm. Step by step instructions to refer to Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting, Papers

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Spring 2010 Admission News COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Spring 2010 Admission News COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog I want to provide a quick update to those that have applied for Spring 2010 admission.   The Admission Committee is in the final round of meetings and we should have all of our decisions made by early next week.   We then need to double check to make sure that everything is entered correctly and will notify applicants that the decision letter is available to view on the application Web site. We really appreciate your patience and once letters have been posted an email message will be sent instructing you to log in to check your decision.   The process should be complete by the end of next week.

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Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 320 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/07/01 Category Finance Essay Level High school Topics: Income Inequality Essay Did you like this example? In the era of knowledge economy, having a huge amount of interest in knowledge is often taken for granted. For example, accountants, programmers, physicians, architects, and financial analysts all enjoy high levels of treatment and social status. Making money with creativity is the object of envy and admiration. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy" essay for you Create order Thousands of people around the world work in their own garages, hoping that one day they will be like Bill Gates. Knowledge entrepreneurs have become the latest model. In the past, capitalists were criticized for exploiting labor to become rich, but now there is no new Mark private. It is another exploitation to explore whether or not to possess knowledge. Perhaps there should be no new mark private at all. One of the important pillars of the knowledge economy to maintain is not the intellectual property rights? But the problem still needs to be solved. How can people who make big money by knowledge have more feedback? In the past, the policy of the national balance gap was still effective, such as progressive income tax, minimum wage, and employment subsidy. There seems to be no answer, and the feasibility of the tentative suggestion is not optimistic. The book Unreal Paradise can be seen as a representative of this aspect, and it provides a profound review of the benefits of economic globalization claims. A description of the global market: Traders computers are constantly searching the global market, and once they discover the opportunity to start, global investors are constantly looking for low-cost, high-productivity, and maximum profits in the global economic system. This is a portrayal of the huge profits of those with the best technology and information. More importantly, these people do not give back to the community (whether local or home), but instead transfer funds to the areas with the least tax and the least regulation. The policy of national redistribution is not implemented by these people, or it is greatly discounted.

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Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society - 3111 Words

â€Å"Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we are too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone†, said Seven Spielberg. Everywhere you are no matter what, you will see someone in contact with his or her cell phone. The effects of them cause negative and positive outcomes within our society. Cell phones have influenced society both positive and negative ways regarding teenagers life, social interactions, emergencies crimes, and health. Cell phones have negatively affected teenager’s life in more than one way. First cell phones are a distraction to the way teenagers drive. â€Å"Anytime a teenager’s mind is somewhere other than on the road ahead, their abilities as a driver are dulled† (Peters). As a newer driver, it is harder for teenagers to multitask. The problem of being distracted is it makes worse due to the simple fact of youthful inexperience. â€Å"Also the over reaction of driving is more common within teens than adults who have been in situations† (Peters). When teenagers text and drive it increases the number of traffic accidents because it effects their focus of the road. â€Å"The traffic accident rates for 16- to 19-year old drivers are higher than those for any other age group† (DMV). â€Å"Statistics says 13 percent of drivers age 18-20 involved in car wrecksShow MoreRelatedCell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pagesthe world resemble i n the event that we didn t have any cell phones? Why is it that we get out of our comfort zone when we do not have access to our phones? Nowadays, cell phones have such a noteworthy effect on our day to day lives, and we owe it to the advancement of technology. In this research paper, we will take a closer look at this phenomenon by examining the evolution of cell phone devices, and it’s effects on society. Cell phones, as we know them haven’t been around for that long. The quickRead MoreCell Phone Effect on Society1526 Words   |  7 PagesClass Date Title How often do we see some people in society now a days on their phones? Whether this be to someone checking their Facebook or just messaging their friends to let them know where they are. How often could you witness to how they could cause accidents such as not paying attention when crossing the road, crime such as the increase in phones being stolen, or car accidents in the split second in which one is looking down at their phone rather than paying attention to what is on the roadRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Society1400 Words   |  6 Pagespossible to carry a phone and still use it, since then there have been millions upon millions released through these forty three years of its existence, every year with a different model, system, camera, you name it, the possibilities are endless! The advantages cellular devices hold over us are massive, from calling a friend situated halfway across the world to ordering food for Memorial High School’s 5th period lunch. Another m ajor factor of our 24/7 nonstop use of the cell phone is texting. TextRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society940 Words   |  4 Pages Cell phones have been around for hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that more and more people are beginning to partake in cellphone use. Cell phones provide society with an easier way of communicating and obtaining information, but at the same time there are some negative consequences. What most people don’t realize is that cellphones are actually quite harmful to modern society. Scientifically cellphones emit radiations that can potentially produce fatal results. Overall cellphones haveRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Society1480 Words   |  6 Pagesthis technology, the cell phone was created and over the years has advanced itself. The cell phone has become a necessity to many. All ages use this mobile device for either personal or business uses. Higgins states that the amount of cell phones active has increased from â€Å"one billion in 2000 to 6 billion.† Although cell phones paly an important role in the lives of many, the negative possibilitie s could cause destruction to our society. According to Russell Ware, a cell phone is â€Å"any portable telephoneRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society1698 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology and technological advances in communication, such as smartphones, were initially introduced in society to connect individuals together. However, because of the growing obsession of smartphones and technology, it becomes evident that technology is causing an opposite effect. The addiction of smart phones and technology has pushed individuals even farther apart. Further, in cell phones, an individual has a different life unknown to the people around him or her. In other words, individualsRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society2122 Words   |  9 PagesCell phones have become a necessary evil in today s society according to some people. While cell phones can have positive effects, easy access to friends and family also with the police force, paramedics, and firefighters. The negative effects of cellphones outweigh the posi tives. Cellphones are dangerous and their use in today s society should be limited. From when the first cell phone was invented to the new apple IPhone 6 since coming out people have been addicted to them. People have gottenRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay1839 Words   |  8 Pagesaffected by cell phones and mobile phones’ temptations have reduced face-to-face communication among people, attracted people from their study and work, and even harmed their health and life, it is urgent now to find detailed origins behind such phenomenon of cell phone addiction and then find solutions to this serious problem. Until now, on this topic many researchers have investigated people’s average using times of cell phones per day, people’s average amount of time of using cell phones per day,Read MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society1991 Words   |  8 Pagesadvantage of it, but is this a good thing? Cell phones are taking over people’s lives and the pattern is going to continue if people keep using cell phones the way they are, and allowing their children to use them equally as much. One s relationships, values, and time management would all be better if cell phones were not as significant of a part of people’s lives as they have become. Howard Rheingold says it so beautifully and accurately. Cell phones and other technology is changing the world andRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Society1503 Words   |  7 Pagesadvanced vocabulary. In today’s society text language, such as jk or lol, is common in everyday texting, but to past generations the use o f this language is foreign. That shows the major change that cell phones have had on society. People who were born before 1973 grew up without cell phones,and when they did finally get their first phone, they used it only for calling people. Young teens today will hang out with each other, but there is a secret tag along friend, their phones, that never seems to leave

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Edgar Allan Poe Free Essays

Mysterious Death of a Mystery Man Death is an instance in which all vitals of the body have shut down, when life no longer remains in the body, and when something is declared dead. But, there is always something that causes this death whether old age, illness, tragedy, accidents, or suicide. In some cases, the cause of death is known soon after the passing or even before they have passed. We will write a custom essay sample on Edgar Allan Poe or any similar topic only for you Order Now In other cases, it takes quite some time to figure out exactly why life was lost. Then, there are those very few occasions that no exact cause is known and many assumptions are thrown around naming phony reasons of the death, when in the end, it will always be a mystery. This is exactly what has been done with the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Many have come up with different assumptions and accusations of Poe’s death, but none have been claimed to be the absolute positive explanation of it. John S. Craig writes, â€Å"His death in Baltimore, Maryland, October 7, 1849 has been surrounded by mystery form the very moment he was found unconscious in a Baltimore tavern a few days before he died in a hospital†( ? . A few of the hypotheses are that Poe was an alcoholic, whose drinking led to his death, had medical problems and diseases that eventually caused his passing, and the Cooping Theory, which ended in him being severely beaten which led to his death a few days later. Poe’s death is a mystery that will never be completely solved. Poe’s dea th could have occurred through some sort of alcoholism. Different forms of disaster, stress, and depression drove Poe to drink. During Virginia’s, Poe’s wife, long battle with different illnesses, Poe began to drink quite a bit to help cope with the stress that evolved from this tragedy. Madhavi Ghare writes, â€Å"On October 3, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe was found drunk and unconscious on the streets of Baltimore, in someone else’s clothes. He was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died four days later on October 7, 1849† ( ? ). One theory of Poe’s alcoholism is that he had a rare medical condition where simply one or two drinks could have a devastating outcome towards him immune system making it seem like he has had way more. This was also backed by Poe telling his wife, friends, and others who asked how many drinks he had, that he had only drank one or two. The problem with this statement is that we do not know if Poe was telling the truth or hiding the fact that he had been excessively drinking all night. Alcohol might or might not have played a role in Poe’s death; it is a mystery we will never know the answer too. Another circumstance in which Poe could have died is from different illnesses and diseases. Back in the time Poe was alive, medical treatment and diagnosis was still at a low level. Even if one was said to have a certain illness, a treatment to heal was most likely still unknown. Poe was thought to have many diseases and illnesses including lesions on the brain, heart disease, cholera, excessive nervous prostration, loss of nerve power, enzyme disorder, tuberculosis, epilepsy, diabetes, rabies, and hydrophobia. One of the diseases that made most sense for him to have was rabies. R. Michael Benitez writes, â€Å"Poe was a well-known animal lover and was especially fond of cats, which can transmit the rabies virus. There was no record of an animal bite preceding Poe’s ailment, but the illness can take more than a year to surface† ( ? ). Even though Poe might not have had a bite mark on him at the hospital, the incident in which the rabies was transferred could have been up to a year before then. Poe was thought to have many different illnesses and diseases which could have easily taken his life from him. One possible circumstance that could have resulted in Poe’s death is the Cooping Theory. The Cooping Theory is when on election day, gangs use to kidnap bystanders and hold them hostage in a room, known as the â€Å"coop,† and make them go to the poll and vote over and over again for who the gang wanted to win the election. The gangs would beat the people and get them drunk to ensure they cooperated. CW Fisher writes, â€Å"Beatings became more frequent and severe as the day wore on, partly to keep the voters awake and motivated, and partly to ensure loss of memory† ( ? ). The gangs would make the people to change clothes so the poll workers would not recognize them and let them vote again. When Poe was found on a bench, he was near poll called Ryan’s Fourth Ward Polls. This poll served as a bar and voting poll. Poe was drunk and he was not wearing his own clothes. This evidence leads towards the assumption that Poe’s death evolved from the Cooping Theory. Poe’s death has many explanations and assumptions that will never be solved. Poe’s death can range from him drinking himself to death, dying from different illnesses such as rabies, tuberculosis, diabetes, cholera, heart disease, brain disease, or him being a victim of the Cooping Theory, which forced him to drink excessively and be beaten multiple times by gangs at election polls. It is a mystery. Poe wrote many mysterious stories himself including â€Å"The Pit and the Pendulum,† â€Å"The Purloined Letter,† â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart,† and â€Å"A Descent into Maelstrom. † It is ironic that his death is a mystery itself. Elizabeth Flock writes, â€Å"Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories are filled with cryptic death scenes, so it was only fitting that the master of the macabre would meet a similarly mysterious end† ( ? ). Flock makes it seem as though it was Poe’s fate for his death to remain a mystery, and remain a mystery, it has. Works Cited Page Craig, John S. The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s Death. 7 Jan. 2009. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. ?http://voices. yahoo. com/the-mystery-edgar-allan-poes-death-2463818. html? cat=38? Ghare, Madhavie. Edgar Allan Poe Biography. 10 Oct. 2012. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. ?http://www. buzzle. com/articles/edgar-allan-poe-biography. tml? Benitez, R. Michael. Did Rabies Fell Edgar Allan Poe?. 2 Nov. 1996. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. ?http://www. cswnet. com/~erin/eap3. htm? Fisher, CW. The Murders of Edgar Allan Poe. 5 May 2005. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. ?http://depressionalmanac. blogspot. com/2005/05/murders-of-edgar-allan-poe. html? Flock, Elizabeth. Edgar Allan Poe died 162 years ago, yet the mystery of his death has not been solved. 7 Oct. 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. ?http://www. washingtonpost. com/blogs/blogpost/post/edgar-allen-poe-died-162-years-ago-yet-the-mystery-of-his-death-has-not-been-solved/2011/10/07/gIQAFVsVTL_blog. html? How to cite Edgar Allan Poe, Papers

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Evaluate the Credit Default Swaps

Question: Explain how derivatives are used by the investment bankers and critically evaluate the Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and systemic risk. Answer: Derivatives are contract, the value of which is derived from the asset that is underlying. The underlying asset may be in the nature of stock, market index, security, etc. The investments bankers use derivatives to take a position and hedge the position accordingly. The position is hedged through the tools like options, forwards, future, and swaps. The investment banker buys an asset and sells it through a futures contract (Teoh, 2009). The investment banker that leads to a better opportunity takes arbitrage opportunity. Credit Default Swap It is an agreement of financial swap that the CDS seller will pay the buyer if the default happens in case of a loan. The CDS buyer makes a payment series to the seller and in this regard gets a payoff of the default happens. The existence of CDS can be traced to 1990 and its use has increased after 2003. It is not traded on the stock exchange and needs no reporting of any transactions to the government (Teoh, 2009). CDS data is of great use as financial professionals, regulators, as well as media to evaluate how the market takes a stand of credit risk on which a CDS is available can use it. A CDS can even be unsecured in nature and will carry a higher risk for a default (Zhang, 2005). The International Swaps and Derivatives Association document most CDS utilizing the standard formats that are drafted. Systemic Risk Systemic risk is the risk of collapse of a total financial system or entire market as contrast to the risk associated with any single entity, component, or a group. This risk can be stated as the instability of the financial system, potential harm, events in financial intermediaries. Moreover, it reflects the risk that is imposed by interlinkages in a total system (Zhang, 2005). It is inherent in the system and hence termed as systematic risk. References Teoh, M 2009, Does Size Matter in the Hedge Fund Industry?, SSRN Working Paper. Zhang, L 2005, The Value Premium, Journal of Finance, vol. 60, pp. 67à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 103.